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This page will be used to list various ways you can donate to ProleWiki to pay for the basic hosting costs, and with whatever surplus we come up with, we can democratically decide what to do with it.

Please use the discussion page to add ideas of other ways ProleWiki could accept donations.

Financial movements will be updated on the bottom of this page.

Donation Methods

These are sorted by most recommended first.

Monero logo


Monero is a privacy cryptocurrency, which is is used to keep donors anonymous. Currently, comrade Jucheguevara is managing the wallet on behalf of ProleWiki.

Donation address:


While Monero is the most private option, Jucheguevara is still trying to figure out how to allow users to independently verify the activities of the wallet, for the sake of transparency. If you're familiar with Monero view keys and how to correctly use them, please reach out on Jucheguevara's talk page.

Bitcoin logo


Bitcoin is a little less anonymous if you're not careful,[1] so donate at your own risk.

Due to Bitcoin's transparency, anyone is able to verify how much is in the wallet.

Donation address:


You can verify this address and its transaction activity here. Again, donors' addresses are publicly visible on the blockchain, so if you'd like to avoid that, please use Monero.

Patreon logo


Patreon is easy to use, but since it's closed source and US-based, we might risk becoming de-platformed for ideological reasons. But please support us there while you can!


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Incomes and Expenses

The following table is populated from ProleWiki:Donate/Financial, if you've got ideas of how this information could be better organized, please add your thoughts to the talk page. ProleWiki:Donate/Financial